Olger Tenwester

Owner of "The Dusty Boot Tavern"


Olger Tenwester is a stout man with a belly clearly embellished by many years of beer and spirits. The strength in his arms is clear from the defined muscles and the sheer size of them, made so by the hundreds of thousands upon thousands of mugs of ale he’s drawn and served, barrels of kegs he’s hefted, and plates of food he’s delivered in his life.

His straight hair is dark and thick, but receding noticibly. Large tufty sideburns link along his jaw with the bushy moustache on his upper lip, though he keeps his chin shaven but for a small patch.

Olger’s clothes are mostly covered by the heavy leather apron he wears which is in turn covered in stains, scratches, and even small notes to himself scrabbled with a sharp charcoal piece he keeps tucked in one of the apron’s pockets.

He is as formidable as he is loud and commands his bar like a captain of a ship, a presence that none who venture into The Dusty Boot forget soon after.

Olger Tenwester

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