The Norsinovan calendar is divided into 9 months of 5 weeks and 21 days each as follows:

Change Day Herons Day Hawks Day Crows Day Owls Day
1 2 3 4 5
/ 6 7 8 9
/ 10 11 12 13
/ 14 15 16 17
/ 18 19 20 21

The months of the Norsinovian year are: Grohin, Sesen, Damin, Gerven, Caren, Palin, Majan, Roden, Xanen.

A Note on Caldendar Colloquialisms

Most Norsinovan’s rarely will speak out the days of the week in full (“Hawks Day” for example). Ease of speech issues and consonantal shift have contracted and changed the way the days of the week are said. When trying to sound proper or officious, and in legal situations, the days are pronounced properly. Also of note is that Norsinovans rarely refer to the day of the month by its numerical position. Days are counted as the number of that day in the month owing to the fact that the days always fall on the same numerical ‘date’. For example, if September the 18th was always a Friday, and always the third friday in the month, we might refer to it as “Sept, Friday the 3rd” even though it was actually the 18th day in the month. The consecutively numbered days (1 through 21) are also used but very rarely and almost exclusively in overly complicated legal documents where such things are perceived as important.

In formal language, the days and dates are spoken thusly:

Days of the week are described in the following way:

“It’s Gerven 4th Hawks today.” (ie. the 4th Hawks Day of the month, or the 15th day of the month)
“You’re thinking of yesterday. Today is Herons, not Owls.”
“I’m looking forward to Sesen Change day!

In informal language, the days and dates are refered to and spoken thusly:

Change Day is often spoken as “Chanday” or “Chandy”
Herons Day is often spoken as “Hernsday” or “Hernsdy”
Hawks Day is often spoken as “Hogsday” or “Hogdy”
Crows Day is often spoken as “Rowsday” or “Rowsdy”
Owls Day is often spoken as “Wolsday” or “Wolsdy”

“It’s third Hogsdy today.” (ie. the third Hawks Day of the month or the 11th day of the month
“You’re thinking of yesterday. Today is Hernsday, not Wolsday.”
“I’m looking forward to Sesen Chandy!

The Seasons

Norsinovia has long summer and winter seasons and short spring and autumn season which are marked on the calendar thusly:

Spring lasts from Grohin, Change Day until Sesen, 3rd Herons Day (31.5 days).
Summer lasts from Sesen, 3rd Herons Day until Caren 3rd Herons Day (63 days).
Autumn lasts from Caren, 3rd Herons Day until Majan, Change Day (31.5 days).
Winter lasts from Majan, Change Day until Grohin, Change Day (63 days).


Norsinovia Tyndareus