The following armors from the Player’s Handbook are not available in the Norsinovia Campaign Setting:
  • Feyweave armor
  • Feyleather armor
  • Starleather armor
  • Darkhide armor
  • Elderhide armor
  • Forgemail armor
  • Spiritmail armor
  • Wyrmscale armor
  • Elderscale armor
  • Warplate armor
  • Godplate armor

The following weapons from the Player’s Handbook are not available in the Norsinovia Campaign Setting:

  • Dwarven axe
  • Dwarven Urgrosh
  • Orcish Double-axe

The following gear from the Player’s Handbook is not available in the Norsinovia Campaign Setting:

  • Sunrod
  • Arcane Implements (all)
  • Everburning torch
  • Ritual book
  • Ritual components
  • Spellbook

Trade Goods (See General Information for currency and exchange information)

10e One pound of wheat
20e One pound of flour, or one chicken
40e One pound of iron
60e One pound of tobacco
1b One pound of cinnamon, or one goat
2b One pound of ginger or pepper, or one sheep
4b One pig
6b One square yard of linen
1v One pound of salt
2v One square yard of silk, or one cow
3v One pound of saffron or cloves, or one ox


Simple Weapons

Unarmed Attacks
2b    Gauntlet
Light Melee Weapons
3b    Dagger
3b    Dagger, punching
6b    Gauntlet, spiked
6b    Mace, light
1v    Sickle
One-Handed Melee Weapons
2v    Mace, heavy
1v    Morningstar
2b    Shortspear
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
6b    Longspear
3b    Spear
Ranged Weapons
12v   Crossbow, heavy
8v    Crossbow, light
2b        Bolts, crossbow (10)
1b    Dart
2b    Javelin
20e       Bullets, sling (10)

Martial Weapons

Light Melee Weapons
1v    Axe, throwing
2b    Hammer, light
1v    Handaxe
2v    Kukri
5b    Pick, light
2b    Sap
2v    Sword, short
One-Handed Melee Weapons
3v    Battleaxe
1v    Flail
3v    Longsword
1v    Pick, heavy
3v    Rapier
4v    Scimitar
4v    Trident
2v    Warhammer
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
20v   Falchion
1v    Glaive
4v    Greataxe
6b    Greatclub
3v    Flail, heavy
12v   Greatsword
1v    Guisarme
2v    Halberd
2v    Lance
2v    Ranseur
3v    Scythe
Ranged Weapons
16v   Longbow
20v   Longbow, composite
6v    Shortbow
14v   Shortbow, composite
2b        Arrows (20)

Exotic Weapons

Light Melee Weapons
8b    Kama
8b    Nunchaku
6b    Sai
10b   Siangham
One-Handed Melee Weapons
6v    Sword, bastard
4b    Whip
Two-Handed Melee Weapons
5v    Chain, spiked
18v   Flail, dire
1n    Sword, two-bladed
Ranged Weapons
6b    Bolas
1n    Crossbow, hand
4n    Crossbow, repeating heavy
3n    Crossbow, repeating light
4v    Net
4b    Shuriken

Armor and Shields

Light Armor               Shields
    1v    Padded            1v    Buckler
    4v    Leather           3b    Shield, light wooden
    6v    Studded Leather   3v    Shield, light steel
    18v   Chain shirt       6b    Shield, heavy wooden
Medium Armor                6v    Shield, heavy steel
    5v    Hide              8v    Shield, tower
    12v   Scale mail       Extras
    1n    Chainmail         +12v   Armor spikes
    2n    Breastplate       1v     Gauntlet, locked
Heavy Armor                 +4v    Shield spikes
    2n    Splint mail
    3n    Banded mail
    6n    Half-plate
    18n   Full plate

Adventuring Gear

Backpack (empty)            2b            Barrel (empty)            2b
Basket (empty)             50e            Bedroll                  40e
Bell                        1b            Blanket, winter          60e
Block and tackle            1v            Bottle, wine, glass       2b
Bucket (empty)             60e            Caltrops                  1b
Candle                     10e            Canvas (sq.yd.)          40e
Case, map or scroll         1b            Chain (10ft.)             6v
Chalk, 1 piece              6e            Chest (empty)             2b
Crowbar                     2b            Firewood (per day)       10e
Fishhook                   40e            Fishing net, 25 sq. ft.   6b
Flask (empty)              25e            Flint and steel           1b
Grappling hook              1b            Hammer                   60e
Ink (1 oz. vial)            2v            Inkpen                   40e
Jug, clay                  25e            Ladder, 10-foot          30e
Lamp, common               40e            Lantern, bullseye         2v
Lantern, hooded             1v            Lock
Manacles                    3v                Very simple           4v
Manacles, masterwork       12v                Average               8v
Mirror, small steel         3v                Good                 16v
Mug/Tankard, clay          20e                Amazing               1n
Oil (1-pint flask)         40e            Paper (sheet)            55e
Parchment (sheet)          45e            Pick, miner’s             4b
Pitcher, clay              20e            Piton                    40e
Pole, 10-foot              30e            Pot, iron                60e
Pouch, belt (empty)         1b            Ram, portable             3v
Rations, trail (per day)   60e            Rope, hempen (50 ft.)     1b
Rope, silk (50 ft.)         3v            Sack (empty)             40e
Sealing wax                 1b            Sewing needle            60e
Signal whistle            100e            Signet ring               1v
Sledge                      1b            Soap (per lb.)           60e
Spade or shovel             2b            Spyglass                 12n
Tent                        2v            Torch                    10e
Vial, ink or potion         1b            Waterskin                 1b
Whetstone                  20e

Special Substances & Items

Acid (flask)                2v
Alchemist’s fire (flask)    4v
Antitoxin (vial)           12v
Holy water (flask)          6v
Smokestick                  4v
Tindertwig                  1b

Tools & Skill Kits

Alchemist’s lab                     6n
Artisan’s tools                     1v
Artisan’s tools, masterwork        10v
Climber’s kit                      18v
Disguise kit                       12v
Healer’s kit                       12v
Holly and mistletoe                10e
Holy symbol, wooden                 1b
Holy symbol, silver                 6v
Hourglass                           6v
Magnifying glass                    1n
Musical instrument, common          1v
Musical instrument, masterwork      1n
Scale, merchant’s                   2b
Thieves’ tools                      1v
Thieves’ tools, masterwork          1n
Tool, masterwork                   12v
Water clock                        15n


Artisan’s outfit                     1b
Cleric’s vestments                   1v
Cold weather outfit                  2v
Courtier’s outfit                    6v
Entertainer’s outfit                 2b
Explorer’s outfit                    2v
Monk’s outfit                        1v
Noble’s outfit                      14v
Peasant’s outfit                    40e
Royal’s outfit                       2n
Scholar’s outfit                     1v
Traveler’s outfit                    1b

Food, Drink, & Lodging

    Gallon                     40e
    Mug                        10e
Banquet (per person)            2v
Bread, per loaf                20e
Cheese, hunk of                40e
Inn stay (per day)
    Good                        2b
    Common                     80e
    Poor                       40e
Meals (per day)
    Good                       80e
    Common                     60e
    Poor                       40e
Meat, chunk of                 60e
    Common (pitcher)           40e
    Fine (bottle)               2v

Mounts & Related Gear / Transport

Bit and bridle                 2b        Carriage            1n
Dog, guard                     5v        Cart                6v
Donkey or mule                 2v        Galley            400n
Feed (per day)                30e        Keelboat           60n
Horse                                    Longship          160n
    Horse, heavy               2n        Rowboat            12v
    Horse, light              16v        Oar                 2b
    Pony                       8v        Sailing ship      120n
    Warhorse, heavy            3n        Sled                4v
    Warhorse, light            2n        Wagon               8v
    Warpony                    1n        Warship           300n
    Military                   4v
    Pack                       1v
    Riding                     2v
Saddle, Exotic
    Military                  12v
    Pack                       3v
    Riding                     6v
Saddlebags                     1v
    Stabling (per day)        60e


Norsinovia Tyndareus