Factions in Norsinovia are divided into various categories. There are factions and groups that compete on a continental scale and those that compete more locally within provinces and even within cities. Here is a general list for reference.

Continental Factions

Norsfall Nationalists

Originating in Norsfall and thus taking the name, the Norsfall Nationalists are those who would promote the dissolution of the provincial boundaries and the democratic provincial council system of government, turning Norsinovia into a centrally governed nation led from the city of Willow’s End. As in all political movements, there are moderates and hard-liners, but the vast majority of Norsfall Nationalists view the lannsbergs of Lasthagen and West Sageland as wild and uncivilized. The Norsfall Nationalists are perceived to be mostly made up of wealthy land owners and aristocrats, though in actuality the mix is more varied.


Opposing the Norsfall Nationalists are the Provincials, those who advocate the separation of the city states is beneficial for all involved. Fearing that the Nationalists would turn Norsinovia into a kingdom of old, the Provincials are quick to remind any who will listen of the terrible conditions for the common folk during the time of the kingdom of Old Einovia. The Provincials are perceived to be mostly lower and middle class citizens.

The Crest

Self-defined as shepherds of traditional Norsinovan values and morals, more publically viewed as an army for hire, the Crest provides the country with law enforcement in return for financial and legal compensation. Long ago the provinces of Norsinovia realized that policing the increasing cross-border criminal behaviour would be a near impossible task to coordinate and decided, through a vote (2 to 1, West Sageland dissenting) to commission the formation of a peace-time force large enough and capable enough to protect and serve the country as a whole. Already running the largest prison in the land, the Crest was selected to organize ranks enough to enforce the law of the land. Special provisos were drawn up giving them immunity to regional laws contrary to the national and ever since the Crest have been arresting and interrogating their way from Arosed’s Gate to the Eight Day Islands.

Now, the Crest guides enough sway that, though they do not officially have a vote in the Raeglsdag, their influence is keenly felt in the highest courts of the land. Some believe that the Norsfall Nationalists were behind the Crest’s formation and that a plot exists to use their military might to bring the provinces of West Sageland and Lasthagen under control by Norsfall. Others believe the Crest has become larger still and wishes to take control of the country for its own purpose and goals. Regardless of their designs, the Crest exists as the largest standing army in Norsinovia and officially un-allied to any province.


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