The following feats are in addition to feats listed in the Players Handbook:

Frontier Health – Characters with the Frontier Health feat gain +1 racial bonus to FORT defense and +2 racial bonus to death saving throws.

Pioneer Spirit – Characters with the Pioneer Spirit feat gain a +1 racial bonus to WILL defense and a +2 racial bonus to initiative rolls.

Restless Soul – Characters with the Restless Soul feat benefit from the effects of a healing surge during a short rest regardless of whether or not they have any surges remaining. EXAMPLE: Katia and her company has just fought a group of bandits and she spent all 5 of her healing surges during the battle. When the encounter is over, there is only time for a short rest (5 minutes) before they have to move on. Despite having 0 healing surges left, Katia recovers 1/4 of her maximum hit points. If Katia had any surges left she could choose to spend them to recover extra hit points.

Arcane Studies – Characters with the Arcane Studies feat have spent a large amount of time researching and learning about causes and effects of the mysterious ether element present in the world. Their approach is scientific, devising imperical explanations and theories for what the common folk often refer to as ‘magic’. +1 Insight rank, +1 History rank.

Godly Devotions – Characters with the Godly Devotions feat have spent a large amount of time ‘getting to know’ a specific deity in the Norsinovan pantheon. In a way, this feat denotes a certain fanaticism on the part of the character. The character becomes very much in tune with the demands and rites of a particular god. +1 Insight rank, +1 Religion rank

Mental Conditioning – Characters who take the mental conditioning feat further prepare their mind for the rigors of manifesting etheric effects (magic). For characters who took the Arcane Studies feat, mental conditioning represents the practical side of the discipline by developing concentration techniques that open the mind and allow the brain to operate at peak efficiency. For characters who took the Godly Devotions feat, mental conditioning represents a monk like focus, an almost evangelical trance state that achieves a more direct communion with their god. +2 to WILL defense.
PREREQUISITE: Arcane Studies OR Godly Devotions

Ether Exposure – Characters who have the Ether Exposure feat have been exposed to a concentrated source of the element, binding them to it in mysterious ways. Forever changed, characters with this feat have a chance of experiencing nightmares and other disquieting dreams while sleeping that provide them with strange insight into the world around them. After an extended rest, roll WILL defense against DC 15. On failure, remove 2 healing surges as if they had been used but to no benefit and add +4 temporary ranks of Insight skill and +2 temporary Arcana ranks.
PREREQUISITE: Exposure to a concentrated source of the etheric element.


Norsinovia Tyndareus