Years in the Making...

The Norsinovia Campaign Setting

Some time ago, in advance of the release of the Neverwinter Nights computer role-playing game, I decided that I would design a campaign world.

Neverwinter Nights was made to allow its players to create their own adventures much like the table-top role-playing games on which most computer rpg’s are based. Simplified tools and assets were made available to the player who, if so inclined, could generate everything from the npc’s and plots to the landscapes, monsters, music, and more. Most of what would be created would be based on existing properties and D&D ones in particular. There would be no lack for Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk or Ravenloft. And so I decided to take on the challenge of world building if for nothing else than to be different.

I set to work. Over the course of a number of weeks I drew maps, recorded histories, outlined factions, imagined religions, and more. It did not take very long for a land to take shape in front of me, roughly drafted and fresh. Norsinovia was born.

Neverwinter Nights came and went, but Norsinovia stayed with me. All of the notes and sheets of information were filed away into folders and between the pages of books and out of sight, but never out of mind. Often I would find my thoughts turned to the golden coastal waters of that land and dream of what was happening there right at that moment. The pages that held it may have been shelved, but Norsinovia was still alive, living and changing and evolving in that magical space where imagination meets memory.

And so I return to it now and again out of fondness and wonder, pulling pieces of its existence into these pages in order to share them with you. Hopefully, over time Norsinovia will live for you as it does for me.



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